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All Personnel of Haomei add green to our world

2013-03-20 10:45:22

Planting Trees Day is 12th,March every year in China.On that day,people will plant many trees.More green will be more fresh air and more pleasant surroundings.With the rapid development of technology and industry,the environment has been polluted.The sky is not blue as before.The air is not as fresh as it once is.

As a small grass,it will add a little green to the world. If you have not seen green for a long time,you will feel refreshing at your first sight of green.Green can make you have a good mood.As a big tree,it will absorb carbon dioxide and poroduce oxygen for our human.It conctributes all its life for environment. As human,what should we do can protect the environment from serious pollution?It is planting trees.Plant a small tree,green a piece of land.Planting trees not only can green and beauty our family,but also can expand the forest resources,prevent soil and water loss.

Our company always product the equipments based on protecting the environment.To contribute our tiny power,all personnel of our company go to plant trees in Wanshan Mountain Forest Park.It is a little desolate and have few trees.But we firmly believe that through our efforts it will become a true full of green forest.

On saturday morning,all tools have been prepared such as spade and bucket. we set out at 7:30.It was pleasantly cool and blows slight wind.We spent two and half hours getting the destination.There were many conmpanies or personals planting trees as same as us.We were devided into 3 groups that was digging,planting and watering.First,digging group began to dig the pits.This work was a little tired,but they were happy because they could do something for the environment.Only finishing the digging could we get the saplings.After digging group completing their jobs,they were already covered with sweat.Then,it is planting group.They put the saplings into the pits.The watering group had already prepared water.They watered the saplings carefully and put the soil into the pits.After repeating these,we finished our task, 30 minutes later.Seeing the fruits of labour,smile are on everyone's face.We were looking at these small saplings as if they have grown many big trees.In many years,here would be many many trees and the saplings that we planted also can reach the sky.Finally,We took photos with our saplings and our flags as a souvenir.

We will plant more trees for our world.If everyone does a little,it will be more green and less pollution in this world.Pay attention to the environment.Everyone is willing to live the pleasant place and breathe fresh air,so go into action.Plant more trees to protect the environment.