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FAQ of electric concrete batching plant unloading silo

2015-03-04 16:33:09

When hzs series ready-mixed concrete batching plant to start unloading bins will be some some unnecessary things happen. In the pneumatic valve off when moving unloading positions will automatically open. About these situations encountered it. How to solve this problem hzs series ready-mixer concrete batching plant? We macro sea stir station staff to give you on how to deal with these programs.

In such a situation in general, the pneumatic valve off move when unloading positions will automatically open the main reason is that the air pressure in the pneumatic valve inside enough, caused by the lack of motivation on both sides of the pneumatic valve. Uneven sides of the discharge door opened, cutting the speed will be affected. Such a situation how to solve it? This requires the mobilization of the air compressor, there is a situation, oil pneumatic valves within no time to go to add. Caused by insufficient activity of pneumatic valves, pressure to keep up.

Sometimes the stone will be used on the site is not the same. There are large trumpet distinction. After stirring the product may discharge compartment door will be blocked, so the cause of the door open. Under such circumstances we need to allow workers to knock down the door measured. Let the discharge port of the gap in the stone are falling out. So cutting open the door quickly. Not going to affect the progress of the project.

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