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how to solve the problem of batching accuracy

2015-03-13 11:45:33

The way to solve the problem of batching accuracy of skip type concrete batching plant.

The show is in the process of ingredients, the ingredients control instrument shows weighing value accurately, but the ingredients of the weighing values do not tally with the set value, batching accuracy is beyond the scope allowed. The reasons for such failure is more, including: fast and slow ingredients of setting not appropriate; Feed flow volatility, resulting in a change of impulse; Materials dry, humidity change is big; Tolerance range of set value is too large; Super bad check the delay time set too short; Automatic compensation and out-of-tolerance instrument parameters check set unreasonable; Digital filter and the ingredients of the time parameter value is not reasonable.

Above for the cause of the problem should take the following measures: set at the beginning of impulse as far as possible close to the actual value; Appropriate reduce ingredients flow. Ensure material dry, humidity equilibrium; Will allow deviation value is set to no more than batching accuracy range.

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