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small rural housing construction and multi drum concrete mixer

2015-09-25 11:54:48

If we pay close attention to in the countryside, we will find that they are basically used in the building of a roller type concrete batch plant , then why do the roller type concrete mixer in rural areas will be so popular?

First of all, we need to understand the basic parameters and working principle of the roller type concrete mixer. The roller type concrete mixer is the self - falling, because the mixing barrel is the double cone type drum shape and named. It is rotating, reversing the material, easy to operate, easy to use. Fool type operation without the construction personnel have very professional technical knowledge. In addition, rural areas for building houses are generally concrete plastic and semi dry, and the drum mixer is in line with the point.

In addition, the roller type concrete mixer plant  in accordance with the transmission mode is divided into gear drive and friction drive. Because of its high power, the gear transmission is more powerful, but it's noise is large, and wear is fast, so it is suitable for outdoor operation. Friction drive is by four wheel mutual friction drive, stable operation without slipping, so noise is relatively small, more suitable for working in the room.

Finally, the discharge capacity of the small concrete batching plant  decides that it is popular in rural areas. Drum type concrete mixer and forced concrete mixer, it's a relatively small capacity of the material. And in rural areas, the demand for concrete is not very large, about 0.3 or so, the drum type mixer is enough to meet their needs, and the cost is low, so the roller type concrete mixer is commonly used.