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Effect of concrete mixing station on city construction

2015-10-14 17:07:14

Changes in a city often comes in the city building, in the construction of these plays a decisive role in the non concrete mixing plant  is none other than, at present the majority of China's building materials belong to the raw materials of concrete, and concrete mixing station has thus become a hot investment projects, so that concrete mixing station of urban planning has an important role.
Concrete mixing station plays an important role in urban construction, economic construction and environmental protection. However, with the rapid development of the city, the concrete industry is facing two major difficulties. First, in recent years, the city is in a large construction period, a great demand for concrete to stimulate the development of concrete mixer machine , some illegal site will breed; two is currently the city of concrete mixing station extensive production and management mode and seriously lagging behind the environmental protection water level, and increasing the quality of life is not compatible, and the construction of ecological city is not coordinated, which leads to the survival of concrete industry is increasingly narrow.
In the face of the grim situation, to make concrete mixing station standardization of production, industry management departments must grasp, both to correctly guide the concrete enterprise to take the road of green production, but also to strengthen joint law enforcement, focusing on the fight without qualification, rental lending qualification and other illegal acts. At the same time, the majority of the mini concrete batching plant  users must surmount, to ride out the storm, and strive to the city urban construction to build new power.