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concrete mixing plant Inspection of environmental protection

2015-10-20 15:11:04

concrete mixing station Inspection of environmental protection

In order to respond to the call of the national green concrete mixing station, the following points should be done in the mini concrete mixing :

1, waste production should use specialized equipment for separating and recovering, after the separation of sand and stone for reuse; wastewater by multi-stage precipitation meet environmental standards after then discharged out.

2, bulk cement tank with dust recovery or dust removal device, to prevent the spread of a large number of dust into the air, causing air pollution.

3, concrete mixer machine , belt machine, such as exposed in the air device to add fortification canopy, the rain can not only effectively prevent air pollution. After the completion of the mixing operation to remove dust.

concrete mixing  station  is often used in building, highway and other industries, and human relations are inseparable, so we need to focus on its cleaning work, building a green concrete mixing station!