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Maintenance and maintenance of concrete mixing station mixing system

2015-10-21 10:56:25

Concrete mixing station mixing system is mixing station is an important part, said mixing system may some of the user's friends is not very clear, in fact, popular speaking is our common compulsory mini concrete mixing , it is the core parts of the concrete mixing station, related to the mixing station lifeline, so in the mixing station for maintenance, and the mixing system is the most important can not be ignored today haomei mechanical Xiaobian for everyone to resolve how to do maintenance work.

1, each class of inspection shaft end sealing cavity, distributor of import and export and sealing line is smooth, whether full of grease, lubricating point and the reduction of the box body is sufficient oil (grease).

2, each class observation electric lubricating pump oil storage cylinder oil is used up, close to used to fill in a timely manner, does not allow running without oil.

3, each class work shift must comprehensive clean-up stirring inside and outside the tube, discharging door, etc. the product material, and clean water rinse, wash not clean bonding material to regularly cut off.

4, every week must adjust the blade to adjust the fastening once, in order to prevent the leaf fall off cause accident.

Above is the small concrete batching plant  mixing system maintenance and maintenance, only careful maintenance can be a future operation and efficient, so in the use of the process, do not be afraid of trouble and delay maintenance work. Zhengzhou haomei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional company of concrete mixer plant  production base, excellent equipment, fine workmanship, welcome customers to visit the guidance of the factory.