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batch plant investigation on the current situation of management

2015-10-23 11:45:10

1, seasonal

Due to the construction of the whole construction industry is affected by the season, which is also related to the impact of business mixed industry, generally in the end of the year or the beginning of the whole commodity concrete industry in a shrinking state. Obvious seasonal will also make the industry's capacity utilization is low.

2, regional

Because the effective distance of the small concrete mixing plant equipment  of restrictions, the market price of the large regional differences.

3, cyclical

Concrete output growth directly by the local real estate construction and the growth of large-scale infrastructure projects, the growth of investment oriented industries. And the investment generally has a certain periodicity, so the business mixed industry also has a cyclical, at present, China's mixed production is still in high growth period, the main price and profitability of the cycle is the main. When the market is stable, the concrete demand will also appear periodic changes.

4, homogenization

Product homogeneity is serious, with the increase in the number of mini concrete batching plant , industry vicious competition intensified.

In concrete enterprises, most enterprises still remain in the rigid management of the material as center, many concrete enterprise cost control objectives focus on the production and marketing of concrete, while ignoring other subtle links; most enterprise management in the cement industry in the production data price system is greater than the internal personnel, concrete mixer machine  management, and not "to the center" of the flexible management, for business enterprises in transportation management, most enterprises do not have a modern transportation management system support.