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commercial concrete mixing station measurement equipment

2015-10-26 14:51:23

Commercial concrete mixing station equipment is mainly composed of 5 major systems, such as small concrete mixing plant equipment  , material weighing system, material conveying system, storage system and mixing station control system. In the past, we have a needle for concrete mixing plant equipment in the important mixing station equipment to explain, and the mixing station measurement system is the material weighing system is very little, today's domestic professional mixing station equipment manufacturers Zhengzhou Haomei will be together to explore the wonders of the measurement equipment of commercial concrete mixing station.

Zhengzhou Haomei Co., Ltd, a famous domestic mixer, points out that the material weighing system in the concrete mixing station is mainly composed of sand and gravel measurement, the measurement of cement, additive measurement and the measurement of coal ash.

The concrete batching plant for sale  is composed of feeding mouth, measuring bucket, sensor, support, butterfly valve and so on. Mixing station cement, additive measurement for the cumulative measurement, cement by the screw conveyor to the powder metering hopper (at this time the measurement of the lower part of the pneumatic valve is in the closed state), when the cement reached the weight value, the weighing instrument sends a signal to stop the screw conveyor. The same as cement additives. Powder metering hopper through the pneumatic valve to the mixing of the host feeding, feeding signal by the electrical control system control system. Powder feeding hopper and the feeding port of the screw conveyor are soft and soft, in order to prevent the cement block and ensure the weighing accuracy.

The concrete mixer machine  equipment powder material measuring bucket cover with a hole with the connection of the dust collector, then the air can reach the effect of dust collection, reducing the pressure of the back pressure, so that the measurement is accurate. Powder metering hopper arranged at the lower part of the valve, the opening and closing issued by the computer control signal, the metering hopper outlet and the mixing station mixing console cover into the discharge port from the canvas soft connection, canvas connection should be to maintain a state of relaxation.