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On the healthy development of batch plant

2015-10-27 14:06:43

Recently, the regional government issued regulations to strengthen the supervision of mini concrete mixing  plant . For example: Shijiazhuang city will further strengthen regulation of the ready mixed concrete industry, encouraged within the Third Ring Road, residential area surrounding concrete mixing station relocation gradually, the establishment of enterprise credit evaluation system, the full implementation of green production standards, ban illegal operation, shut down without obtaining the certificate of green production compliance and acceptance of the mixing station. Wenling City hair change, environmental protection, land, market supervision and other departments of law enforcement officers on the prior row touch 8 illegally built ready mixed concrete production enterprises to carry out centralized rectification measures.

The government to strengthen the supervision of concrete mixer machine  shows that the construction of green concrete mixing station is the primary issue. Traditional concrete mixing station, most of the open air operations, the weather, sand, gravel, cement and other raw materials in the wind will be serious dust, causing air pollution, affecting the surrounding environment, to bring inconvenience to the surrounding residents.

At present, environmental protection concrete stirring station become the theme of social development, domestic production of small concrete batching plant  manufacturers also enhanced the sense of this, the letter will be gravel, cement silo, the implementation of full closed, dust removal equipment installed at the same time. Effectively controlling the air pollution. Green concrete mixing station has many advantages, such as energy saving, emission reduction, high efficiency and so on. It is a healthy way for the development of concrete mixing station.