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batch plant how to maintain the running in period

2015-11-03 10:51:36

The new equipment to buy back are going through a run in period, concrete mixing station is also the same, only in the early stages of the concrete mixing station is sufficient to understand, the structure and performance of the familiar, to ensure that in future production to play better value. Therefore, small concrete mixing plant equipment  running in the process is very important, the operator in the operation of the machine, be sure to read the instructions, in accordance with the relevant instructions for operation and maintenance.

Each model of the concrete mixing station has the rated capacity, so in the production type must be according to the instructions given by the manufacturer, can not be changed, but can not overload. Attention often inspect the instigation of each instrument, showing abnormal, should stop in time to be eliminated, not found in reason and fault elimination should be the end of the job. Also note that the oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid and fuel oil (water), and the quality of the oil, and pay attention to the sealing performance of the whole machine. Inspection of the invention of oil and water lack of too much, should analyze the reasons. At the same time, should strengthen the lubrication of the lubrication points, the proposal in the run in period, each class to the lubrication point filling grease (special request except).

Operator should insist on the concrete plant manufacturer  for cleaning, timely adjust, fastening loose parts, in order to prevent the loss of parts due to the loose or cause the loss of parts. After the period, the machine should be forced to do maintenance, review and adjust work, and pay attention to the oil exchange.

mini concrete batching plant  only through the running in the only way to go more long-term, so dear friends, must be at the beginning of a good foundation, to ensure the smooth production of production.