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concrete mixing plant application and classification

2015-11-05 13:56:11

Concrete mixing station of mechanization degree is high, but also has a great contribution to our country bridge and hydroelectric project in, is our country present stage and indispensable in the future construction of raw materials for the production of the main force, village development, infrastructure construction, improve the living standards of the people, and therefore investment small concrete batching plant  more and more users, concrete mixing stand a indelible role. Understand the purpose of the mixing station, then we come to talk about the classification of concrete mixing station:

1, according to the structure of the different, can be divided into mobile type mixing station and fixed type of mixing. Construction site for mobile type mixing station.

2, according to the form of its work, can be divided into two categories: periodic and continuous. Periodic feeding and discharging system are carried out in a certain period. Continuous feeding and discharging are carried out continuously. The general use of the current cycle.

3, according to the form of its process layout, can be divided into two types of single and double.

A single step the sand, stone, cement and other materials a raised to the roof silo, various materials according to the process through weighing, batching, mixing, know to make concrete mixing loading Sinotrans. Mixing silo, weighing top-down into the layer, mixing layer and bottom layer. In order to reasonable process flow, high productivity, but requires high factory, so the investment is larger, the skip type concrete mixing plant  the.

Double step type material storage bin and mini concrete mixing  plant is roughly at the same level. Aggregate by lifting sent to storage bin, in the storage bin for cumulative weighing and weighing, respectively, and then enhance the bucket or belt conveyor sent to the mixer for mixing. Because the material need to be increased by two times, the productivity is low, but it can make the whole set of equipment to the height of low, easy to assemble and easy to assemble, and can reduce the investment, general mixing station more than this form.