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how to distinguish concrete mixing station

2016-03-10 15:10:01

Many users in the purchase of concrete mixing station still stays in the thickness of the steel plate of the one-sided understanding of equipment. The little understanding of the concrete mixing station. To introduce the effect of Belt type concrete batching plant of the following several aspects of quality:

concrete batching plant materials, the thickness of the steel plate, with particular attention to the batching equipment of steel, the material is not good, easy to cause in the process of deformation, affecting production.

welding welding process, carefully check the key parts, if not easy welding cause accidents, causing great loss of customers.

The 3 parts is one of the main factors affecting the mixing, quality such as sensors, belts, cylinder, reducer, seal, air compressor and other accessories, it is best to choose well-known brands

 mixing station design, the majority of customers that the concrete batching plant price is very simple, that a few samples of equipment. In fact, some manufacturers to reduce costs, some of the equipment was removed, the user did not pay attention to the purchase of equipment, the production process, there are many problems.