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small and medium sized concrete mixing station

2016-06-23 10:18:34

First of all, from the pure theory, the concrete mixing plant if it is forced to do without the financial pressure of the system to produce, is entirely feasible. But it should be noted that, here refers to is pure theory feasible: just like the meaning of the Wuhu customers directly removed weighing system, their external weighing system weighing, although the trouble, but can save money, and should not affect production. However, in the actual production, the idea is very difficult, because for some of the requirements for high the kinds of concrete production, the raw material mixture ratio is very accurate, use external weighing system of weighing basically didn't reach the standard of, the production of concrete products can not be applied to the large-scale engineering project construction and commercial projects.

If really under economic and other pressure to buy Weighing System of concrete batching plant for sale of the production, the production of concrete products can only be used for some of concrete quality requirements of the project construction. And even if it is applied to the construction of such projects, there will be a variety of problems such as low water content is not uniform, and so on.