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Introducing three layouts of concrete mixing plants

2012-12-13 11:35:57

     According to the layout form of concrete mixing plants, it can be classified into vertical concrete mixing plants, horizontal concrete mixing plants and mobile concrete plants. We will introduce Following the three mixing station layout are introduced in detail, I hope for your understanding of concrete plants layout help!


     As with vertical concrete mixing plant, material only needs once lifting and then dropped by gravity to following procedures. This layout of concrete mixing plants has the advantages of high efficiency, small occupation area, easy to implement automation; however, it also has its shortcomings of complex structure, high manufacturing cost and high installing altitude.


     As with horizontal concrete mixing plants, material needs twice lifting. The materials need lifted to the storage hopper at first and then lifted to the mixer after weighing. This layout of concrete mixing plants equipment has the advantages of simple structure, less investment, small building height; and its drawback is that material need after two lift, low efficiency, and low degree of automation.


     Mobile concrete plant arranged feeding, storage, weighing, mixing and discharging devices in one seat. This form of the concrete mixing station equipment has the advantages of compact structure, easy to carry, can directly next to the construction site, thus reducing the concrete conveying distance, improve economic performance.


     In general, in a large industrial city and material supply base, it is more suitable to choose vertical concrete mixing plants; from material supply base far small and medium-sized city, appropriate choice of horizontal concrete mixing plants; for a number of traffic inconvenience, the road is narrow and engineering or maintenance engineering, suitable for the use of mobile concrete plants.


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