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The advantages of concrete mixing plant

2012-12-14 14:57:36

Concrete mixing plant is consisted of feeding system, storage, blending system, discharging, control system and other structural components. There are many advantages to use concrete mixing plant concentrating mixing concrete and cement:


1) Using concrete mixing plant is easier to control the ratio of concrete and cement, which ensures the quality of concrete, fundamentally changed the ingredients inexact situation mixing on site;

2) Using concrete mixing plant is more convenient to apply automation technology, can make the greatly improved labor productivity, labor saving, cost reduction;

3) Using concrete plant can avoid installing storage equipment and stacking equipment, thereby saving spaces and also avoiding the waste of raw materials.


Concrete mixer can be classified into self falling concrete mixer and forced concrete mixer according to the type of host. The mixing drum of Self falling mixer is with large capacity, which is suitable for large aggregate mixing.

Forced concrete mixer can be classified into vertical and horizontal shafts forced mixer; forced concrete mixer has the characteristic of good quality, which is suitable for mixing dry concrete.


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