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The maintenance of concrete mixer

2012-12-19 10:48:54

How to maintenance a concrete mixer, which generally includes 5 points:

1) Check and clean the concrete mixer;

2) check the link status between the mixing arm and leaves;

3) Check reducer;

4) Check running condition of the concrete plant;

5) lubricate the two ends of main shaft bearing and the discharging door;

However, the maintenance of the corresponding mixer, the technical staff should follow the following requirements:


a, Concretes and other dirt adhering inside and outside the concrete mixer should be cleaned after each shift working, and then washing by saline water;

b, weekly check the concrete bonding status inside concrete plant and the cement adhesion condition on the spray pipe. Cut off the power to eradicate if necessary;

2) Check connecting screws and ensure no loosening and serious wear, otherwise, that will cause accident;

3) Check temperature rise of the drive motor after each shift working, if the motor overheat, we should find out the reason in case malfunction.

4) When the concrete mixer works, it should be smooth without abnormal sound; the discharging door should start or close easily, tight closing, no leakage.

5) Lubricating the machine after each shift working.


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