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The common shortcomings of stable concrete mixing plant

2012-12-25 11:31:33

The common shortcomings of stable concrete mixing plant:

1, penetration rate is not high and with big regional differences

Commodity concrete of our country exists very big regional differences and imbalance, as the east part of China is more developed than the western part, the coastal provinces is more developed than inland province, developed provinces is more developed than underdeveloped province, and in one province, the provincial capital city is better than other prefecture-level city. Generally speaking, the popularity rate is relatively low compared with developed countries.

2, the overall technical content is not high

The overall technical content of Chinese concrete mixing plant is still relatively low compared with developed countries, however, Chinese mixing plant manufacturers are make effect to shorten the difference.

3, the intelligence degree is not high

The intelligence degree of concrete plant directly reflect the technical content of the plant, in this regard, Chinese concrete plant has developed a lot in recent few years.

4, environmental performances

Concrete mixing plant pollution mainly in three aspects, one is the pollution of dust, two is a noise pollution, and three is the sewage pollution. Many concrete mixer manufacturers did not take measures to solve the pollution problem on the agenda in order to save investment, which is the main reason resulting in the low environmental performances of China's concrete mixing plant.

The problems above are rarely exists any more, especially Haomei Machinery, we developed a lot in the past few years, and our equipments received high praise from our clients. Consult sales@hmconcreteplant.com for more detail information.


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