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The right way to move the concrete plant

2014-12-03 10:12:28

If your construction is completed,maybe the concrete plant also finish its temporary mission.You must not only have this one construction and the site is not the same.So the concrete plant should be moved to the place that you will develop next.Moving a concrete plant is not an east thing.It needs time,manpower or even money.This shows that moving concrete plant should be careful and in right ways.

First,you should disconnect the concrete plant.Here are some tips to how to disconnect the concrete batching plant:Find a hard and flat foundation around the site, ensuring the foundation has high voltage wire obstacle and is far away from ditches.Check all the security tools are perfect. Clean the construction site to keep enough space.Clean up the litter of batching plant and cement silo. Note: Cut water, gas and electric facilities when clean up.Remove electrical, water, admixture and compressed air pipings.Gradually remove all parts ofconcrete batching plant.Check all equipments ofconcrete batching plantto ensure that all equipments are complete, flawless and perfect.

Hope these can help you move the concrete plant smoothly.Besides,we are concrete batching plant manufacturer and have specialized in concrete batch plant for many years and we focus greatly on our products quality.If you are interested in any of our production,please contact us.We are looking forward to establish business relationship between us based on our mutual benefits.

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