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Choose a suitable concrete mixer

2014-12-02 15:20:42

Many users will ask for a long time in the equipment consulting. The followings are how to choose a suitale concrete mixer.

There are three kinds of choosing concrete mixer, namely, the project amount and duration requirements, the concrete types, the composition characteristics and consistency of the concrete. According to the project amount and duration requirements, in heavy duty and long duration concrete works, customers should use medium or large stationary concrete mixer or mixing station. According to the composition characteristics and consistency of the concrete, a large volume self-loading mixer is suitable for mixing concrete featuring low consistency and large size aggregates. And self-loading mixer featuring fast speed mixing drum is appropriate for mixing concrete of high consistency and large size aggregates.In a small amount and short duration concrete work, customers should use small and medium sized mobile mixer. According to the concrete types, mixing plastic or semi-plastic concrete, customers should use self-loading mixer. Mixing high strength, dry rigid concrete, or lightweight concrete, customers should use compulsory mixers.

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