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To operate the concrete plant efficiently

2014-12-04 10:36:31

Within two hours after the job is completed, the host all contact with concrete parts clean accumulated period of time, are not allowed to appear blitz clean-up phenomenon

concrete production blackouts immediately manually unloading and cleaning related sites.Concrete plant the manual strictly enforce.confirmed by the maintenance staff the mechanical work site does not exist accident obstacle, call inform then playing second bell.Accurate input mixing ratio; seriously reinspect all data entry, test personnel, operators confirmed the sign correct the record, before production,Strict accordance with tie than the production, not the written instructions of the laboratory testing personnel, no person shall be allowed to be free to change the raw materials, additives and water consumption.Stirring time depending concrete state, without the consent of the test personnel not free to change. should not be less than 6 seconds.The equipment between parked 6 seconds before running.Equipment specification, the specification requirements regularly calibrated electronic weighing equipment for concrete batching plant efficacy to see if the measurement error is in line with requirements of the provisions and make records, calibration testing personnel should inform the calibration at the same time.

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