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The way to deal with concrete mixing plant distributor switch failure

2015-09-01 14:16:20

Common troubleshooting skip type concrete mixing plant equipment, large-scale construction projects in our country now is used in the development and construction of concrete provided by some medium or large concrete mixing station, the size of the equipment is mainly applicable to concrete mixing station model size and the output per hour of concrete production.

Machinery for a long time working, plus the daily maintenance and maintenance does not reach the designated position, hard to avoid can appear some faults and problems, timely discover and solve the problems. Such as small concrete mixing plant equipment batching machine malfunction, how should solve?

Batching machine switch failure, usually by low pressure air supply system, pin stuck operation, discharging mouth to causes such as deformation or foreign bodies stuck, can by adjusting the air pressure, filling lubricating butter to rule out, and to repair and discharging mouth to foreign body removal discharging mouth nearby.

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