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How to build a mixing station base

2015-09-11 17:24:03

Some users may feel the small concrete mixing plant equipment of the foundation is not the more the better, the foundation should be based on the actual situation to do, must be in accordance with the provisions of the factory to ensure the safety of the foundation. The size and depth should be in accordance with the requirements of drawings, the strength of concrete to reach request, foundation depth did not request, just on the basis of the elevation and concrete mixing station Chang Ping together can be.

Then the details of the foundation should also pay attention to what? First by mixing station technology request line, find a good reference point, between the two bottom size error of not more than 50mm, the excavation of the foundation, for steel or wooden peg reserved range of the center line of the foundation, with a foundation of two pre buried iron center line range to on the same line, deviation of not more than 20mm; mixing station foundation laying steel mesh, finally stirring station of basic level it is necessary with a level meter and ultra flat tester, about more twin shaft concrete mixer foundation construction question can telephone counseling our manufacturers, we will make detailed instructions for you.

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