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Four factors promoting the development of concrete mixing station

2015-09-17 18:00:52

One, the development of concrete mixing station construction machinery and downstream consumer industry is closely linked. With the rising of commodity brand marketing competition and consumer demand, the downstream consumer industry has improved the quality of the product and the fine degree, the whole concrete mixing plant  project market is diversified, which brings about the new power for the concrete mixing station.

Two, labor costs rise and supply decline, to accelerate the development of machinery replacement. According to our forecast, China's low-end labor market will be a huge downward inflection point in 2012, the labor intensive enterprises, only to increase the dependence on machinery and small concrete mixing plant equipment  to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, to achieve brand sales volume and premium in the terminal market.

Three, the rise of China's technology, will be in the domestic and foreign markets to achieve a full range of import substitution. China has a high-end technology leading enterprises, its product performance has been in the same field with foreign brands, but the price is only about 12 of the imported brands, so the high cost advantage of domestic brands will become an import substitution point.

Four, national policy support. 2011-2020 China concrete mixer industry development outline pointed out: the next 10 years, China's concrete mixing station machinery industry will continue to improve the level of science and technology, focus on the development of high-grade small concrete batching plant  , narrowing the gap between domestic and foreign technology, so that domestic equipment domestic market accounted for a rate of about 70% and increase export strength. At the same time, the Twelfth Five Year Plan pointed out that the end of the year is expected to achieve the industry's total output value of 40000000000 yuan, strong national support.