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Reasons for the use of external seal for concrete mixing station

2015-09-18 15:04:00

Stand in the production process will cause dusty concrete mixing phenomenon, can cause serious air pollution! So building green environmental protection small concrete mixing plant equipment is imperative. Thus, in response to the call of the state and the government, the concrete mixing station construction site to use external seal, to prevent the spread of dust, to create a green environment for mixing station.

The concrete mixer machine uses the external seal, the key part of the package is mainly the background material field, the inclined belt, the horizontal belt and the belt of the belt, the main engine is above the bottom of the main engine, the pre - adding hopper, the cement storehouse, etc.. And the packaging of the material field can better solve the impact of weather factors on sand and gravel aggregate, inclined belt packaging can solve the problem of feeding and repair. It also reduces the production of noise.

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