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The use of additives to station time concrete mixing

2015-09-21 14:01:33

In the continuous concrete mixing plant , the additive plays a certain role. It can achieve different results with cement, different types of additives can meet the needs of different seasons and climate. Can assist people to reduce the time limit for a project, improve production efficiency!

Concrete mixing additive station commonly used are: pumping agent, water reducing agent, antifreeze, coagulant and expansion agent. Each kind of different admixtures and common and efficient and compound, people in concrete stirring station construction process to the needs of the times, choose appropriate and effective additives can improve the efficiency, shorten construction period!

mini concrete mixing plant  if there are a variety of additives, the need to be in accordance with a certain proportion of pre mixed, and then after weighing the same with the water into the blender mixing. In the course of the use of the need to pay attention to is, some special external additives need to try mixing, to prevent problems!

small concrete batching plant  on the use of additives to the needs of the times, the winter common is antifreeze, summer commonly used is coagulant, and so on. Must choose the right external additives, can improve the efficiency of!