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what parts of the concrete mixing station

2015-09-23 11:25:38

With the development of economy, small concrete mixing plant equipment  is more and more widely used in road, construction, water and electricity projects. The majority of users in the purchase of concrete mixing station must have an intuitive understanding of the mixing station, haomei machinery for everyone a science about concrete mixing station to the basic knowledge!

Concrete mixing station is divided into: mixing system, batching system, weighing system, storage and conveying system and control system. The mixing system is made up of  concrete batching plant  and stand structure. Material system is basically the concrete batching machine, the ingredients of the batching machine has a separate weighing and cumulative weighing two kinds, customers can choose according to the actual needs. The weighing system generally includes: water weighing, powder weighing and additive weighing. With the subdivision of the storage and transportation system, the storage system refers to the cement silo and cement tank. The delivery system refers to the screw conveyor, screw conveyor will be called screw pump, reamer, screw etc.. Finally, the control system, the control system has a semi-automatic, automatic, automatic with computer and so on, but also according to the requirements of choice!

Well, basically mini concrete batching plant part so, of course, if the customer has other requirements, haomei machinery are can be customized production. If you want more information, please visit the haomei machinery concrete mixing station equipment