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What are the common types of large concrete mixing stations

2015-10-22 09:37:49

Large concrete mixing plant  of Zhengzhou haomei HZS90, HZS120, HZS180 of the three models. They host the feeding capacity of JS series of double horizontal shaft forced mixer, the use of the latest design ideas of electronic weighing, microcomputer control, digital display control technology, electronic weighing with damping device and an automatic compensation function, the measuring accuracy high. Sand feeding use belt feeding, with the maintenance walkways and canopy, can effectively prevent the diffusion of rain and dust.

HZS series of large concrete mixing station, can produce plastic, dry hard concrete, and so many different types of concrete. High production efficiency, widely used in large and medium-sized construction, road and bridge engineering and production of concrete products in the prefabricated factory. The whole set of equipment including: twin shaft mixer, small concrete batching plant  , cement silo and screw conveyor, conveyor belt, microcomputer control room. Productivity can reach 90 / HR, 120 / HR, 180 / hr. Greatly satisfy the requirements of large venues.

The main differences between the various types of large concrete mixing station are: different productivity and different control system. Centralized control system includes printing functions, and the full automatic control system also contains control room, air conditioning, computer full control, function is different: centralized control system is a semi-automatic control, it is to click on the material, feeding automatically in the weighing hopper, unloading, unloading automatically into the blender. Automatic control system: click on the following operation, feeding from the warehouse automatically through the screw in the bucket, and then automatically unloaded to the concrete mixing plant , the whole process, convenient and quick. Compared with the automatic control system is more time saving, labor saving.