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Layout structure and operating performance of Engineering mixing station

2015-11-25 17:12:34

Concrete mixing station from the beginning to now has thirty years of history, with the continuous development of its technology is becoming more and more mature, from the original low efficiency, high energy consumption to today's high efficiency and low energy consumption. With the increasing demand of the market, improve the efficiency of ready-mixed concrete mixing plant  has become the most important problem. Zhengzhou Haomei engineering concrete mixing station with high reliability of the full automatic microcomputer control system, advanced industrial control computer +PLC+ display instrument control mode, the lower PLC implementation of signal sampling and output control, industrial computer dynamic display of production process and production management, meter auxiliary display of the scale ingredients data. Can achieve automatic, manual control, simple operation, friendly interface, high reliability, flexible expansion. Measuring accuracy and reliability of the measurement system, the monitoring interface is intuitive, clear and accurate simulation of the site work process, the use of digital calibration technology, through the computer calibration scales, and the upper computer. The system can produce data, report and manage the data. The data can be printed. The database can be used. The system can be used. The system is., to realize the resource sharing of production management And remote monitoring, concrete batching plant for sale  equipment maintenance. In the automatic production process, one or more good in the aggregate weighing hopper, not unloading system, stop running. Above is the Haomei summary of our engineering concrete mixing station equipment of the structure and performance, our engineering concrete mixing station with the market demand, continuously improve the work efficiency, has reached the needs of different users. Haomei remind users in the operation, to the engineering small concrete batching plant  equipment maintenance management, so that the equipment is in the best working condition, the daily maintenance of the existence of hidden dangers, and to ensure that the engineering concrete mixing station safe and efficient work.