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The advantages of concrete mixing station

2015-12-01 11:06:02

All the powder material in the skip type concrete mixing plant  is carried out in a closed state, from the feeding, the ingredients, the measurement, the feeding and the feeding. The mixing platform and fully enclosed structure of the mixing platform, which greatly reduces the dust and noise pollution caused by the environment. Configuration JS series of double horizontal shaft forced mixer, short mixing time, Stationary concrete batching plant , for dry and hard, half hard, plastic and concrete mix proportion are mixed. Regardless of the measurement element and control element of the aggregate, powder or water, the control unit adopts imported components, microcomputer control, 120 times per second sampling rate, and the work performance is guaranteed to be stable. Each maintenance, repair parts are equipped with walking or inspection ladder, intuitive and adequate operating space. The main engine is equipped with two sets of pump and manual work, and can be simultaneously. Standing on the floor type equipment, to ensure that all operations can be carried out regardless of the weather.

mini concrete batching plant  industrial design runs through the whole design process, design, ergonomics and aesthetics are combined, making overall modelling beautiful generous, the layout of the structure is reasonable, the color is pleasant, machine design contains aesthetic reflects the art style and more comfortable operation and maintenance more convenient, rigorous logical thinking, profound design concept, detailed ergonomics and subtlety of the details of the design is the guarantee of excellent products.