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position suggestion for concrete mixing station

2015-12-04 17:54:41

The concrete mixing station is composed of a mixing machine, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system, control system and other auxiliary facilities. The purpose is to understand the small concrete mixing plant equipment .
Position suggestion for concrete mixing station:
1, mixing station host and feed ingredients system should be based on the project of the project, concrete total, daily concrete dosage and other indicators to meet the daily maximum concrete dosage is appropriate; a mixer and related into the system for a production line, a large and important engineering should set up two production lines, parallel arrangement, to ensure uninterrupted supply concrete; a project can only set a skip type concrete mixing plant , or set up a large mixing station with appropriate concrete delivery vehicles; specific to the actual situation.
2, sand and rubble field area should be large enough and can satisfy the engineering consumption needs, and to facilitate the organization feed supplement; gravel piled by areas, to prevent mixing concrete gradation caused by inaccurate; equipped with loaded car feed and gravel were stacked neatly; site to be hardened, convenient loading vehicle loading and to prevent dirt and other debris into the material.
3, a mixing station with 1-2 pool, must be able to ensure that the concrete mixing and mechanical cleaning. A production line at least 2 suitable for the cement warehouse, the best for the 3, take turns to use in time to meet the needs of continuous concrete mixing plant and do not make cement backlog. Large volume and pumping concrete generally need to be mixed with fly ash and admixture, according to the site conditions were placed respectively, in order to facilitate the use of appropriate
4, as for the delivery of finished concrete way, you can choose the concrete pump way. This means of transportation to meet the transportation distance and height and concrete supply as the basis, the general layout of the in front of mixer, with the pump pipe connected to pouring. It also can be arranged in a place near the pouring, concrete transport vehicle sent to pump.