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selection method of production line for concrete mixing station

2015-12-10 14:58:50

A good concrete mixing station production line, not only to spend money to buy the equipment will be able to build, according to the requirements of concrete production and field conditions, so that engineers can design a suitable solution. The concrete mixing station production line need to have set a small concrete mixing plant equipment  , concrete pump, concrete mixer, sand separator, aggregate base, mixing station, office accommodation, experimental room, washing station, parking lot, generators and transformers, power distribution room, factory road wells tower, sedimentation tank, septic tank fire control system.
According to the actual demand of concrete, 20 thousand -60 million range, I plant engineers give users the proposal is based on the output per hour working day * * actual working days = annual concrete number, we according to the actual working days 8 hours a day, 300 days is calculated in addition, standard commodity concrete mixing station production line. The whole station has the unloading process is short, simple and convenient installation, the middle ring of small, high production efficiency, using imported twin shaft mixer forced mixer, can produce a variety of commercial concrete label, with the same type of skip type concrete mixing plant , saves the cost, the production efficiency is much higher.
Above is the Zhengzhou Haomei machinery for concrete mixing station production line selection method of the simple description, I believe that we buy and understand the mini concrete batching plant , small concrete mixing station has certain help, Haomei machinery is well-known Henan concrete mixing station manufacturers, with professional preparation and technology, to create quality and quality of small concrete mixing station.