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concrete mixer stirring apparatus cleaning

2015-12-19 10:36:16

Concrete mixer is the cement, sand and gravel aggregate and water mixture and mix into concrete mixture of machinery. Mainly by mixing barrel, feeding and unloading mechanism, water supply system, the original motivation, driving mechanism, the frame and supporting device, and so on. Today Haomei machinery to share with you the concrete mixer mixer cleaning.

One, turn off the concrete mixer machine

1, maintenance switch to "off" position, and with the key to the lock;

2, properly keep the key, without permission not to use;

3, will be marked with the "maintenance" of the warning signs on the maintenance switch;

4, the end of the process of turning the spare parts.

Two, waiting for the mixing shaft to gradually stop rotating (in the bearing block and the stirring shaft can be observed in the case of the mixing shaft) and the chain component to unlock.

1, cleaning the mini concrete mixing  plant , removing the mixed material of the sediment, especially the blade fastening nut around.

2. Loosen the fastening nut. If you can not loosen, you can cut off the six corner of the nut.

3, remove the blade and clean the mixing arm support, remove the mixed material of the sediment.

4, on the new concrete mixer mixing blade and lining board blades, and set both radial and axial blade clearance. Radial and axial minimum gap width is 2mm.

5, set the blade gap, while the side of the manual disc to stir the device, while examining the blade gap. The minimum radial clearance should be measured in the stirred tank between the outer edge and a blade wear.

6, after adjusting the blades of the small concrete batching plant  and lining board blades, must tighten the screw fasteners, and use the hand wheel to rotate the V type of mixing apparatus, such as a blade scraping the mixing groove wear pieces must be re adjusted.