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winter maintenance measures of concrete mixing station silo

2015-12-25 14:38:38

The concrete mixing station mainly consists of 5 main systems, such as mini concrete mixing  plant  , material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system and control system. Because the aggregate measurement of building and standing aggregate measurement compared to reduce the four intermediate links, and is the vertical material measurement, saving time, so greatly improve the production efficiency. Concrete mixing station silo winter maintenance measures what?

Winter maintenance measures of skip type concrete mixing plant  silo:

Concrete mixing station in the winter need to be in accordance with the need to produce, in winter and other seasons are not the same, winter production is the need to pay attention to more. Concrete mixing station batching bin in the winter to prevent rusting, winter more rain and snow is easily caused by iron and steel easily with water. It also resulted in the rust and produce corrosion are described. small concrete batching plant  batching bin best real indoor, if outside in the rain and snow weather, should pay attention to the use of plastic film on the cover, check on a regular basis but also the batching bin appearance if the paint off or is corrosion should be timely repair. Batching silo parts are required to be regularly and with the debugging to avoid it because the weather is cold and can not run is, bearing lubrication oil is the need to carry out regular smear, winter concrete mixing station production from the little things to start, from the maintenance to start.