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concrete batching plant residual cleaning

2015-12-29 16:29:03

After the concrete mixing station is produced, how to clean up the residual concrete, how to make the two use of the residual concrete, how to clean the residual concrete after the production of the ready-mixed concrete mixing plant and how to make the two use of the residual concrete?

After the concrete mixing station is produced, the residue is cleaned:

After the concrete production and supply, the mixer, mixer truck, concrete transport pump in the residual concrete are required to clean emissions, cleaning out of these waste water due to environmental protection requirements can not be discharged in the land, but also not allow the road with the discharge, can only be concentrated in the concrete mixer plant recycling.

Residues of centralized treatment of concrete better approach is in small concrete batching plant next to build car washing and sedimentation tank, the mixing station unloading material position and car washing, cleaning emissions from residue of sewage into the lattice of sedimentation tank, aggregate and powder residue will deposition in front pool of a grid, regular cleaning of recycling, sewage of the former a grid of the upper pool overflow after discharging lattice in the pool, the row to the last rung pool of sewage to the preparation of concrete can effect of industrial water for cleaning or according to the relevant rules again for the preparation of concrete. Industrial water slurry ratio should be monitored and remained stable for the preparation of concrete general industrial water accounts for mixing water 30, fresh water accounts for 70. The working principle of industrial water in the production process of the mixing station is similar to that of a liquid additive. Just the water using mud pump, metering bucket slightly larger.