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mixing main engine operation

2015-12-31 14:23:18

Concrete mixing station has not only excellent mixing console, also has a variety of sophisticated parts, such as screw conveyor, the measuring sensor, gas dynamic components, these components to ensure the concrete mixing station in operation in the process of high reliability, accurate measurement skills and long service life. At the same time, the concrete mixing  station the maintenance parts are equipped with platform or seizure ladder and have ample room for manipulation, mixing console can be equipped with high-pressure automatic cleaning system, has the function of the lack of oil and over temperature automatic alarm function, convenient equipment maintenance.

Mixing main engine operation of concrete mixer plant:

1. Strictly according to the specification of concrete mixer equipment operation, meet equipment failure should be promptly notify the relevant personnel to carry out inspection, repair, and make concrete mixing records and handing over records.

Responsible for the formal weighing of each work shift, the symmetry of the device to check and zero check.

The stirring in the timing of monitoring data, strictly control the quality check of ready-mixed concrete mixing plant , stirring time and slump.

The console, display and maintain clean indoor health, are not allowed to enter the operating room non operator.

. not permission are not allowed to control the computer copy files, are not allowed to delete files, not allowed to freely play computer, play games to ensure system security.

The dosage should be monitored closely and cement, fly ash, coarse aggregate and water during operation. If the careless operation error or equipment appeared function disorder and the occurrence of the wrong ingredients, to immediately report to the duty to lead an emergency treatment, must not be disposed of without authorization or under false pretenses.