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small concrete mixing station notes on the admixture

2016-01-07 17:30:33

Concrete mixing station is used to combine the concrete mixing plant, also known as precast concrete. Whether small concrete mixing station or large and medium-sized ready-mixed concrete mixing plant , in the actual production and use, it is inevitable to mix all kinds of admixture products, so the mixing requirements of a variety of additives more accurate.

Notes on the admixture of concrete batching plant for sale :

In the continuous concrete mixing plant  of expansive agent mixed, should pay attention to mix expansion agent and cement quality and should be for every cubic meters of concrete cement content, pay attention to: Iron expansion agent quality shall not be included in the amount of cement. And the amount of cement per cubic meter shall not be less than 0.3T, water cement ratio shall not be greater than 0.6:1.

In the mixing of air entrained agent, when the content of concrete increases to about 5%, it should be appropriate to reduce the amount of cement material. The reduction ratio is about, the ratio of water to cement is reduced by about 6%, and the sand ratio of concrete is less than 2%, so it is easy to improve the durability and anti permeability of concrete.

When mixed with antifreeze, should first use the ratio of Portland cement, cement labeling with 42.5 as the minimum standard, the minimum amount of cement is 0.3T/m3, the maximum value of water cement ratio is 0.6:1.