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new purchase of concrete mixing station using skills

2016-01-08 10:54:56

Due to the purchase of new concrete mixing station equipment, all the parts are new, in the processing, assembly and adjustment of the factors under the influence, the friction surface coarse, with the contact area is small, the pressure state of the surface uneven, so in the run in period, a variety of small problems, Stationary concrete batching plant  run using techniques which by Bowei machinery share.

New purchase of concrete mixing station running in period of the use of skills

In the running in period of the concrete mixer plant, as far as possible not to overload operation. As mentioned above, all aspects of the new equipment needs a slow running process, the beginning of the overload operation, it will only cause unnecessary damage to many parts.

In time to check the high frequency of wear parts. Because it is just beginning, operators and some careless, stirring station equipment of many parts of the wear rate will be faster, which requires the staff should be timely inspected for wear a higher frequency of several parts, such as the discovery of the timely replacement of damaged.

During the running in period of small concrete batching plant  , should pay attention to often check the lubrication system, whether the occurrence of bad lubrication, a variety of lubricating oil leakage phenomenon; check whether the various screws are loose, etc