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commodity concrete mixing station maintenance method

2016-01-13 17:27:50

Commercial concrete mixing enterprise stand in the actual production and operation, due to a variety of factors, such as declining market demand, enterprise sales downturn, procurement of the mini concrete mixing  plant too much, will lead to the concrete mixing station idle. So, for the long-term idle unused concrete mixing station, how to maintain it?

Long term maintenance method for commercial concrete mixing station:

To do a good job of the whole skip type concrete mixing plant waterproof, rust proof work. The erosion here refers to the waterproof rain and snow, as far as possible to ensure that the region's environmental dry mixing station.

For the long-term idle commercial concrete mixing station, should be the relevant parts of the mixing system, such as mixer, conveyor belt, cement silo, weighing system, such as the removal of the separately stored, so as to avoid loss, damage and other phenomena.

The structure of the bearing and other important structures of the small concrete batching plant  , which is regularly restricted by the long-term, is added to the lubricating oil, so as to prevent the problem from occurring after a long time without running.

4 if a temporary need to use idle over a certain time of mixing station, should first empty load test production, view the trial run, and to make sure everything is all right and then on material production.