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composition of concrete mixing plant facilities

2016-01-20 09:53:50

concrete mixing  station  mainly by material storage system, material weighing system, a material conveying system, a stirring system, a powder storage system, a powder conveying system, powder metering system, water and additive measuring system and control system and other systems and other ancillary facilities.

Composition of the main engine of concrete mixing station:

Concrete mixer: according to the requirements of the construction schedule, the production capacity of the cement concrete mixing station is: 60m3/h, according to the selection of the host machine for the 1500 type of concrete mixer. As for the company, if necessary, from the adjacent area of concrete should be seconded urgently.

Cement transport equipment: mini concrete mixing  plant  using bulk cement, a total of 3 100T bulk cement storage tanks. Cement transportation is mainly produced by the cement manufacturers.

3 sand, stone, admixture, water storage and transportation equipment: concrete mixer machine  with 45m x 18m x 1.8m of sand and stone material storage yard with two Xiagong XG951 loader for stacking and to the mixer aggregate charging hopper. Bin arranged on the inward tilt 4% of the cross slope, silo peripherals a 750px * 750px drains, drainage ditch is arranged on the reinforced water Bizi, facilitate loader after. The silo walls and partition use M10 mortar and mortar rubble, height 1.8m, thickness not less than 1250px. With 2.6m * 1.5m * 1.5m admixture special pool, easy to store and handle. Special water pool with 2.6m * 5m * 1.5m as reserve pool.

Concrete transport equipment: selection of concrete pouring tank is transported to the site, and then by the concrete delivery pump transport to the pouring point. This station is equipped with two HBT60 Concrete delivery pump, 6 sets of 8m3 concrete tanker as the primary transport device of concrete, to ensure the concrete delivery.