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Classification of concrete mixers

2016-01-22 11:26:33

Concrete mixer is composed of a plurality of classification, in understanding the mixer's brother may know, varieties of mixer is not the same as the primary depending on stirring paddle method is not the same, commonly used mixer usually push (propeller blade). In addition there is skewed propeller type, box type, anchored, turbine type, screw type and so on various other methods of Stationary concrete batching plant. Different methods produce different concrete mixer, how to pick the right from the use of concrete mixer plant ? J we are today in Zhengzhou Haomei company we focus about promote type, inclined paddle and a turbine type stirring.

Said push, push type, inclined paddle type stirring often for small fluid rapid mixing, commonly used is usually 3 leaves spiral push type, 2 pitched blade paddle, the number of leaves can be for 2 leaves, 3 leaves, leaves 4 or more leaves. The blade is usually a layer or two or more layers. Turbine mixing method to compare the diversity and primary is to strengthen the fluid shear effects and cycle to, the first to open type of turbine and a disk turbine type, with blade method according to the different stirring demand variety of contrast. Not the same selection, the selection of different continuous concrete mixing plant , each mixer is a different taste of the cake, how to taste you can see from the engineering needs.