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batch plant production environment

2016-01-27 15:12:29

In investment in small concrete mixing  station , although the investment process is relatively simple, but there are also some problems that we must pay attention to, because of the quality problem of concrete also directly affects the engineering safety and quality issues, directly related to our life safety. Zhengzhou Haomei machinery to share small concrete mixing plant production environment requirements.

Production environment of small concrete batching plant  :

Requirements should pay attention to the establishment of the ground when the station has reached a certain hardness. This can prevent dirt and other inclusions in the inside of the material, thereby affecting the quality of production.

In the establishment of the site for the timely supply of raw materials and other issues, we need to be in a production line with a 2-3 cement warehouse, so that can solve the problem of timely replenishment of raw materials, convenient and time saving.

In the construction of mini concrete mixing  plant , the need for a mixing station can be equipped with a 1-2 pool. Usually this is also the most often easy to ignore, often this problem will lead to a lot of problems in the late will be a variety of problems.

4 in the establishment of small concrete mixing station to have enough area to store construction need to sand, gravel, and building materials.