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small concrete mixing station process flow

2016-01-29 11:50:15

Small concrete mixing station is an important component, widely used in civil construction, township roads, bridges and other construction. The utility model has the advantages of small occupation area, simple operation, low cost, etc.. Zhengzhou Haomei machinery to share concrete mixing  station  process.

On the material gravel material by artificial feeding, small hopper feeder; water from the mixer pump smoke set-top box, water inlet manual operation; cement by artificial unpacking dumped directly in the mixer hopper.

Weigh the sand and gravel respectively, weighing on the scale of the artificial push cart; cement according to the 50 Hong measurement per pack; water by the water tank scale quantitative. Weighing error: 2% of cement soil, sand, stone and 3%, water admixture disabilities 2%.

Aggregate sand and gravel, cement dumping person mixer hopper, the mixer will be promoted by the concrete mixer machine to feed the machine, while promoting the water gate.

4 simple Stationary concrete batching plant  using self falling type blender or a reverse cone discharging mixer general mixing for 2 min or so. To be concrete mixture stirring evenly, can discharge.

The discharging mixer with a chute extends man-machine inscribed clinker a machine or reverse cone mixer discharging, slipped material transport trolley, sent to the scene the pouring location