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batch plant pollution control method

2016-02-02 15:50:52

Concrete mixing station is developed with the development of concrete commercialization. And small concrete mixing plant equipment processing of raw materials is more serious pollution of cement, fly ash, etc.. At the same time, it will produce a certain noise pollution. Therefore, with the home of China's haze weather, the pollution of concrete mixing station must be controlled, concrete mixing station pollution control methods have?

Pollution control method of concrete mixing station:

Dust removal device: dust is an important pollutant in the production process of mini concrete batching plant , dust is an important reason for the current haze weather. Dust collector is generally installed in the top of cement silo.

The silencing device: an important pollution noise pollution is the concrete batching plant price . In order to reduce orthopedic feeding the noise, asphalt mixing station in hopper and the feed groove are lined with wear-resistant rubber intestinal stir in the outer wall of the building adopts a double-layer structure or the laying of sound-absorbing material.

Waste water treatment and aggregate recovery unit: a unit of concrete mixing station are set up waste water treatment and Department of orthopedics recycling device, in order to solve the concrete mixing transport vehicle cleaning and drainage and other issues. Concrete mixing station waste water treatment and aggregate recycling devices are a variety of ways, the specific combination of the production site layout.