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batch plant lightning protection method

2016-02-04 10:46:11

In most of the areas in China have entered into the summer high temperature and drought and rainy weather and thunderstorm weather is also continuously. Take Zhengzhou for some time, the low temperature and rainy weather has been going on for a whole week, the weather has seriously affected the normal operation of the concrete mixing  station . We should all know that the concrete mixing stations are generally exposed to work in the world. So for cement tanks, it's the main body generally have more than ten meters high. In this multi thunderstorm weather in the summer, to do a concrete tank and other equipment lightning protection measures are to be done.

Reasons and measures of lightning protection measures for cement tanks:

It is necessary to take measures to take lightning protection measures because the cement tank is a kind of cement storage equipment which must be prepared for the mini concrete mixing  plant . It is indispensable. Cement tank in the concrete mixer plant  is an indispensable and irreplaceable.

Whether onchip cement tank or bulk cement tank, the normal height of the cement tank reached tens of meters high, and the main structure of the cement tank is made of metal materials, especially sheet cement tank, between each of its lamellar structure is welded with the screw, so it is very easy to cause and was lightning bombardment caused by hypertension. Therefore, it is very necessary to do a good job in the prevention and control of the equipment of the cement tank. Do lightning protection work, in addition to the need to install the lightning rod, but also need to do a good job, but also the staff should pay attention to the power supply security.