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how to deal with waste concrete

2016-02-29 13:59:26

Concrete mixing multi station production kinds of concrete, concrete mix ratio is also different, in this alternate production process, it is prone to a lot of scrap concrete, if simply dumped, on the one hand, caused a lot of waste of resources, aeriform in increased the production costs of enterprises, on the other hand also caused environmental pollution. Then, how to deal with ready-mixed concrete mixing plant of scrap concrete it?

The use of concrete mixing  station scrap concrete products to do all kinds of precast cement products. This recycling scrap concrete method is relative to the most economical and practical method, due to the cement precast products of concrete grade is not required, and the fabrication is simple, only need to make template watering. Therefore this method scrap concrete is very simple, just need to take different scrap concrete poured into the prepared template, and then put the ventilation environment dry.

The concrete product scrap targeted sold to some remote mountainous rural households were occupied. There are a lot of this kind of conduit company from the small mobile concrete batching plant recycling all kinds of scrap concrete, and then sold exclusively in these areas. It is worth noting that this treatment is the premise of scrap concrete must ensure that this kind of concrete shall not carry out any basic engineering construction.