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mixing station how to reduce the cost

2016-03-01 09:37:25

Concrete mixing station is the equipment engineering construction to and modernization construction is to concrete as raw material to build, so the concrete mixer machine  market demand is great, the same market also means fierce competition. So how to control the user should reduce the cost of investment through management, today Haomei machines share small concrete mixing station management experience.

One way: small concrete mixing station cylinders in use and maintenance of the need to take effective steps to reduce the management cost, such as the implementation of physical and chemical factors of production operations, according to the concrete batching plant annual production and operation of the provision of equipment logistics service to ensure mixing station must supply equipment in the supply chain plate to reduce the cost of that material production factors of concrete mixing station focused on the operation of the target on the one hand is to satisfy the enterprise internal market, and gradually achieve the full coverage of the internal market.

Mode 2: concrete mixing station in the process of construction, the cost control ideas penetrated into the construction method, construction technology and construction management measures in and through technology, comparison, analysis and evaluation, to guide, supervision, regulation and engineering construction in the consumption of resources and cost constraints, so as to realize the cost effective control. batch plant should beforehand control, course control and afterwards control in three stages to carry on the analysis.