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careful maintenance of batch plant

2016-03-02 10:33:00

Concrete mixing plant is the production of concrete institutions on the basis of, it through concrete plant manufacturer to sand and stone aggregate automatic batching delivery to the concrete mixer, with cement, water, additives, mixing evenly to make concrete, to meet the needs of modern roads, buildings, bridges, water, electricity and other engineering. Station of life of 3-5 years of general concrete mixing, if want to use a longer period of time, the need for concrete mixing station to maintain.

The completion of the work of the concrete batch plant for sale , to clean up the concrete mixer stirring shaft, stirring inside and outside wall, unloading at the discharge port of ash and residue. Can be directly washed with water or a small number of stones and water stir for several minutes after discharge. To prevent freezing in winter, need to remain in the batch plant after the end of discharge water pump, water tank, pipeline water tank additives and additives to prevent damage.

Concrete mixing station to formulate the reasonable system arrangement, the staff of the time designated for maintenance, timely find and solve problems, to reduce damage to a minimum. The various departments cooperate with each other, mutual cooperation, the greatest degree of protection of concrete mixing station.