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three kinds of mixing plant

2016-03-04 17:57:49

According to the classification of concrete batching plant price  mobility, mainly divided into: Mobile, demolition type and fixed type.

Mobile concrete mixing station is usually a walking device for mobile site. Mainly used in mobile strong engineering, such as roads, bridges and other construction projects. The concrete mixing station is relatively fixed, which is characterized by large parts of mobile sites must be open for shipment. Station two order conveyor feeding mixing station most belong to this type of dragline type used in China at present mixing. Mainly used in commercial concrete factories and large and medium-sized concrete construction engineering. Belt type concrete batching plant , the mixer adopts double horizontal shafts forced mixer, according to different customers different needs of the production of concrete, according to past experience, concrete is mainly used in roads, bridges, buildings and other building. At present, the mainstream of the market is in a fixed type concrete mixing station.

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