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blender maintenance details

2016-03-07 15:37:24

Diesel concrete mixer is different from other mobile concrete mixing plant , in its use and maintenance process need special attention. The following will be a detailed introduction.

concrete batch plant for sale generally use diesel work, so before users must adhere to a diesel tank to see whether there is enough oil, the user must ensure that each use when diesel tank has enough oil.

The use of the process of diesel is not enough, to be added in a timely manner, can not be stopped, but must pay attention to safety.

To regularly clean up the diesel oil tank and replace diesel.

Often check whether the screw bolts on the diesel tank is loose, if loose to be repaired in time, but also need to check whether the welding of the diesel tank is firm.

Diesel concrete mixer in the use of the new machine before the test run, test run must pay attention to the sound of the concrete plant manufacturer  is normal, while the mixing drum and mixing of the integrity of the mixing.